Matcha Latte - Die cremige Alternative zum Cappuccino

Matcha latte - the creamy alternative to cappuccino

The right way to prepare the new trendy green tea-based drink. A simple recipe for the perfect matcha latte.
Gruenes Panna Cotta auf weißem Teller mit Gabel darauf

Vegan matcha panna cotta

This recipe for Matcha Panna Cotta is once again a perfect example of how vegan dishes can also be enjoyed by non-vegans!
Gruene Schokolade mit Nuessen darauf

Matcha chocolate

Green chocolate chips are also a perfect gift for the next party and are guaranteed to cause a stir - when have you ever seen green chocolate?
Gruene Fluessigkeit in weißer Tasse mit Marshmallows darauf, gehalten von zwei Haenden

Hot chocolate with matcha

The ideal drink for rainy days: hot white chocolate with matcha. Your companion for a cozy afternoon on the couch.
Gruenes Eis mit Blaubeeren und Kokosflocken in schwarzer Schale

Vegan ice cream with matcha

Here it is, the easiest recipe for super delicious vegan ice cream with matcha. The perfect companion for a sunny afternoon that you can relax and enjoy.
Gruene Panna Cotta mit Gabel halbiert, Kokosflocken darauf

Matcha panna cotta

Matcha tea gives panna cotta, a classic dessert, a tart twist that is balanced out and perfectly integrated by the sweetness.
Gruenes Porridge in schwarzer Schale mit Nuessen und Bananen darauf

Porridge with matcha

Porridge - probably one of the classics on the breakfast table. In our version, matcha provides a fresh, tangy taste and the necessary energy boost.
Schokoladenbraune Cupcakes mit gruener Buttercreme Haube mit Matcha

Matcha buttercream

This green matcha topping is your ticket to cupcake heaven. You can use any type of muffin as a base. to usethat you like.
aufgeschnittener Windbeutel, gefuellt mit gruener Matcha Sahne und Erdbeerstuecken, auf Teller mit Gabel daneben

Cream puffs with matcha cream

A cream puff with matcha cream is one of those desserts that you didn't know you had to try until you saw it.
Gruene Biskuitrolle, angeschnitten, gefuellt mit gruener Sahne, auf Marmor Untergrund

Filled sponge roll with matcha

Here, the classic filled sponge roll is spiced up with the tangy taste of matcha tea and the green color gives it a fresh look. 
Gruene Matcha Kekse auf Backpapier

Matcha cookies

You've probably often wondered what would go well with your daily bowl of matcha. Who would have thought it - it's matcha cookies! 🍪
Matcha Meringues auf Etagere angerichtet mit rosafarbenen Blumen dazwischen

Matcha meringues - crispy, light snack for in between meals

Matcha meringues are a crispy and light snack that goes really well with your daily cup of tea and looks beautiful too. 
Matcha Waffeln mit Sahne dazwischen, von hand gehalten, schwarzer Hintergrund

Matcha waffles - fusion cuisine for a Sunday afternoon

Matcha waffles are an excellent example of the increasingly popular fusion cuisine. So as not to deprive our vegan friends of this treat, we also have an alternative recipe for you!
Braune Snack Kugeln auf Marmor Untergrund, teilweise mit Matcha bestaeubt

Vegan matcha snack balls - the recipe

Fancy a snack that won't make you feel guilty and will give you plenty of energy? We have just the right recipe for you. Matcha snack balls are the perfect vegan snack for in between meals.