Matcha Wissen kompakt: Alles was du über Matcha wissen musst auf einen Blick

Compact matcha knowledge: everything you need to know about matcha at a glance

Where does matcha come from, what is in the green powder and how is it prepared? In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about matcha.
Matcha Latte - Die cremige Alternative zum Cappuccino

Matcha latte - the creamy alternative to cappuccino

The right way to prepare the new trendy green tea-based drink. A simple recipe for the perfect matcha latte.
Grüner Tee: Die Wunderwaffe zum Abnehmen?

Green tea: the miracle weapon for losing weight?

Green tea is often associated with a healthy lifestyle and at least as often with losing weight. But is this justified? Let's take a closer look.
Genmaicha - Was hat es mit dem "Popcorn-Tee" auf sich?

Genmaicha - What is this "popcorn tea" all about?

A very special green tea has finally found its way to us from Japan: Genmaicha. Here you can find out all about this "rice tea" and its unique aroma.

Tea culture in Japan - The tradition at a glance

Tea is a traditional drink in Japan, not only as an everyday companion but also in ceremonies. But where does this deeply rooted tradition of tea drinking come from and what does this culture look ...

Benifuuki, Sunrouge and GABA - three functional teas

Benifuuki, Sunrouge and GABA are functional teas. This blog post deals with the following questions: What are functional teas? How are they produced? What effects do they have?

The Four Principles of the Way of Tea - An Overview

Meaning of the four principles of the Way of Tea and the schools on which the tea ceremonies are based.

The Japanese tea ceremony - insight into the process & rules

Insight into the process and centuries-old rules of a traditional tea ceremony. What is a tea ceremony and what basic principles must be followed?