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KĀRU ceramic teacup (double-walled)
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Original Japanese teapot (Kyusu) - black (300ml)
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Original Japanese vintage-style teacup (170ml) Original Japanese vintage-style teacup (170ml)
Original Japanese vintage-style teacup (170ml)
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Original Japanese teacup with flower pattern (170ml) Original Japanese teacup with flower pattern (170ml)
Matcha Kāru - gift voucher
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Stainless steel tea strainer - gold
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Ein Matcha-Kāru-Goldsieb mit einer kleinen Schüssel daneben. Ein Mann gießt Matcha Kāru-Grüntee mit einem Matcha Sieb (furui) aus Edelstahl - Gold in eine Schüssel.

FAQ - Accessories for green tea 🌿

The longer the green tea steeps, the more tannins (tannins) are released. They make your tea taste bitter.

Integrated tea strainers in Japanese clay teapots, so-called kyusus are particularly suitable as they use the entire volume of the pot. A stainless steel tea strainer can be used for all your pots and cups.

Japanese teapots made from (natural) clay with an integrated strainer are ideal for brewing green and black tea. The teapot not only improves the drinking experience, but also contributes to an authentic taste.

Japanese tea bowls and cups distribute the fragrance and taste of green tea evenly and contribute to a harmonious overall experience.

You should always rinse clay teapots by hand. Use clean water and avoid aggressive cleaning agents.

For the perfect end result, kettles with a temperature setting and limescale filter are recommended. The wrong temperature and too much limescale in the water will negatively affect the taste of your tea.