Genmaicha - Was hat es mit dem "Popcorn-Tee" auf sich?

Genmaicha - What is this "popcorn tea" all about?

A very special green tea has finally found its way to us from Japan: Genmaicha. Here you can find out all about this "rice tea" and its unique aroma.
Matcha Tee als Alternative zu Kaffee

Matcha tea as an alternative to coffee

How does the green tea powder from Japan fare against coffee, the Germans' favorite drink? Find out more about the differences between the effects of matcha and coffee here.

Different types of tea - the differences briefly explained

Today we want to give you a brief insight into the differences between the six different types of tea so that you can keep track of them the next time you go to the tea store.
Matcha Set mit dunkler Schale, Löffel, Dose und Besen

Matcha accessories - an overview

Find out which accessories you really need to make matcha tea - What else is there besides a matcha bowl and bamboo whisk?
Drei Häufchen Matcha in Petrischalen

Matcha tea - qualities and differences

Matcha tea is not just matcha tea - there are different qualities - find out what the differences are and what to look out for.
Matcha Pulver auf Loeffel

Matcha tea quality promise - A comment

There are many types of matcha tea on the market - Find out what to look out for when buying - Note these important criteria to judge matcha tea correctly
Drei Matcha Metall Dosen, davon eine geöffnet

Price differences - What determines the price of matcha tea?

There are a few things you should consider when buying matcha tea: Why is Japanese matcha usually better than Chinese matcha? And why are there such big price differences? You can find out all thi...
Drei Dosen Matcha, darüber jeweils ein Häufchen Matcha Pulver in Petrischalen

Finding the right matcha - what you should look out for when buying matcha

The price ranges for matcha are enormous. You can find anything from 10 cents to €2 per gram. But how can such price differences be explained?
Teefelder Japan

Premium organic matcha tea from Japan - a rare commodity

Find out more about organic Matcha teas from Japan - What distinguishes them from conventional teas - And why organic should not be confused with quality
Erfahrungen mit Matcha Tee - Ein Kommentar

Experiences with matcha tea - A comment

There are now all kinds of rumors, tips and recommendations about matcha tea. Let's find out what it's all about.