Matcha Wissen kompakt: Alles was du über Matcha wissen musst auf einen Blick

Compact matcha knowledge: everything you need to know about matcha at a glance

Where does matcha come from, what is in the green powder and how is it prepared? In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about matcha.
Matcha Latte - Die cremige Alternative zum Cappuccino

Matcha latte - the creamy alternative to cappuccino

The right way to prepare the new trendy green tea-based drink. A simple recipe for the perfect matcha latte.
Yoga Tipps für Anfänger
Tipps & Tricks

Yoga tips for beginners

Matcha and sport, especially yoga, go together perfectly. Together with Sara Lyn, we have collected three yoga exercises that make it particularly easy to get started.
Matcha Pulver in farbiger Teedose
Tipps & Tricks

Matcha tea - The right way to keep and store tea

Learn all about the correct storage of matcha tea - with just a few tricks, the delicate green tea powder stays fresh for a long time
Matcha Waffeln mit Sahne auf dunklem Untergrund
Tipps & Tricks

Matcha for baking and cooking - a question of quality and appreciation

Cooking and baking with Matcha tea as a new trend - great green color and positive effects on health - you should keep the following points in mind
Matcha Schale, daneben Wasserkanne und zwei Becher auf Büchern
Tipps & Tricks

Matcha Test - A Tasting - The correct tasting and evaluation of Matcha tea

Learn more about tasting and evaluating premium matcha - what factors determine the quality of the tea - what to look out for when buying