Experience the art of matcha preparation with our range of matcha accessories. Whether you are looking for the basic matcha whisk, a special matcha spoon, a fine-meshed matcha strainer or a sturdy broom holder here you will find high-quality accessories that are essential for the authentic matcha experience. Only high-quality craftsmanship finds its way into our range.

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Ein Matcha-Besenhalter Kichōmen mit Bambusgriff. Ein Matcha Besenhalter Kichōmen von Matcha Kāru auf weißem Hintergrund.
Matcha broom holder Kichōmen
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Matcha broom holder Chūmon
Matcha broom holder Chūmon
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Ein Matcha-Kāru-Goldsieb mit einer kleinen Schüssel daneben. Ein Mann gießt Matcha Kāru-Grüntee mit einem Matcha Sieb (furui) aus Edelstahl - Gold in eine Schüssel.
KĀRU ceramic teacup (double-walled)
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Matcha Besen aus hellem Bambus schraeg liegend Matcha broom - Golden bamboo (100 bristles)
Matcha broom - Golden bamboo (100 bristles)
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Matcha broom - Dark bamboo (100 bristles)
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Matcha bowl (Chawan) Miruku Matcha bowl (Chawan) Miruku
Matcha bowl (Chawan) Miruku
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Matcha bowl (Chawan) Tenzai Matcha bowl (Chawan) Tenzai
Matcha bowl (Chawan) Tenzai
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Matcha bowl (chawan) furui shiro
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Matcha bowl Seizō
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Matcha spoon - Golden bamboo
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Matcha spoon - Dark bamboo
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Eine kleine Matcha-Schale (Chawan) Tankōiro mit rosa Glasur auf weißer Oberfläche von Matcha Kāru. Eine weiße Matcha-Schale (Chawan) aus Keramik mit beigem Deckel, hergestellt von Matcha Kāru.
Matcha bowl (Chawan) tankōiro
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Matcha Kāru - gift voucher
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FAQ - Matcha accessories 🍵

  • What accessories do I need for the traditional preparation of matcha?

For beginners, we recommend a bamboo whisk (chasen - 茶筅), a matcha bowl (chawan - 抹茶椀) and a matcha spoon (chashaku - 茶杓) as basic equipment for your first matcha. If you are already a matcha pro, you might be interested in a matcha strainer (furui - 抹茶篩), a broom holder (kichōmen) and Japanese tea caddies (natsume - 棗).

  • What is a matcha whisk and what do I need it for?

A matcha whisk, also known as a "chasen", is a specially shaped bamboo whisk. It is used to whisk the matcha powder with water in a W-shaped motion to create a lump-free, frothy tea. How to make your matcha properlyyou can read in detail in our blog.

  • Do I really need a matcha bowl?

Not necessarily. You can convert any conventional bowl into a matcha bowl. However, a real matcha bowl (called a chawan) is essential for traditional preparation. It is shaped in such a way that the matcha can be whisked perfectly.

  • How much difference does the matcha strainer make to the end result?

Sieving the matcha powder removes lumps, making the tea finer and more homogeneous. The result: a creamier, lump-free and better blended matcha. For anyone who values an authentic and high-quality matcha experience, the sieve is an indispensable accessory.

  • What is the best way to care for my matcha whisk?

Always rinse it with clear water, avoid aggressive cleaning agents and leave it to dry upside down (not standing on the bristles). For even longer durability, we recommend a broom holder (Kichōmen): This keeps the broom in shape and ensures optimum storage conditions.

  • What is the matcha spoon used for?

The bamboo spoon (chashaku) enables precise and consistent dosing of the matcha powder. Traditionally, 1-3 spoonfuls of powder are used for one portion, depending on the desired strength of the matcha.

  • Can I prepare matcha without a whisk?

Yes, even if the traditional whisk is recommended. There are also electric matcha blenders, you can use a normal whisk or convert a milk frother. There are no limits to your creativity.

  • Do I need all the accessories to make good matcha?

You don't necessarily need all the accessories to make good matcha. However, since the overall experience of traditional preparation and the tea ceremony As the tea ceremony adds to the taste experience, we recommend that you have at least some basic equipment (bamboo whisk, bamboo spoon, bowl).