📦 Order & Shipping

We ship with DHL.

We always ship insured with shipment tracking. Your tracking number is automatically sent to you by email when your order is dispatched. So you always know exactly where your shipment is.

Don't be surprised: Smaller orders are occasionally delivered by Deutsche Post, i.e. by your letter carrier or letter carrier. 

Experience has shown that your order will arrive within 2-3 working days.

We ship from Berlin. A facility there that offers people with disabilities an inclusive workplace helps us with shipping. 

We always try to ship orders by 9:00 am on the same working day, then the next working day. 

DHL then takes 1-2 days for the parcel to arrive. 

You can of course have your order delivered to a Packstation. 

Please make sure that you have both your postal number and the number of the Packstation number. The street address of the Packstation is not necessary!

Example address:

Mia Musterfrau


Packing station 123

12345 Test city

First of all: We will bring your matcha to you. We have been able to successfully fulfill 100% of our orders so far and will also find a solution in your case. 

It's best to check the tracking of your order first. We have sent you a separate e-mail about this. 

If the problem is still not solved, please contact us by e-mail at service@matcha-karu.de

Our matcha, our sets and our green tea are perfect as gifts, we do not currently offer a wrapping service.

We never enclose paper invoices with orders, so you can have the package sent directly to the recipient.

The following payment methods are available in our store:
PayPal, credit card, Amazon PayApple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna (purchase on account and financing) and Bank transfer (prepayment).

Special feature with Klarna: If you select Klarna (invoice or financing), you will receive a separate message from Klarna with payment details. A bank transfer to us is not necessary, please make it directly to Klarna. 

️ Return & exchange

You can return any order (as long as the food is unopened) to us without giving a reason. 

Returns are for you free of charge.

The quickest way to do this is to simply reply to our order confirmation with an informal message ("I would like to return an item .... from this order" or similar).

You will then receive a label from us by email. You stick this on your parcel and then hand it in at a DHL collection point. 

Pro tip: You can give prepaid parcels to any DHL driver who is delivering another parcel to you. This saves you a trip to the nearest collection point 😬

As soon as the goods have reached us again, you will immediately receive the full purchase price for the returned item(s) back via the originally selected payment method. Please note that the credit note can take up to 7 working days, depending on the payment method.

🍵 Matcha

Preparing matcha is straightforward. With a little practice, anyone can conjure up a wonderfully creamy matcha with a thick foam. Here we explain exactly how to do it: 

The preparation guide

The short version: Matcha is ground green tea. 

The tea plant is shaded for several weeks before it is harvested, which causes the plant to produce a lot of chlorophyll, which gives it its intense green color. The leaves are then steamed, dried and finely ground on granite stone mills. 

You can find the detailed answer here: 

Matcha - Knowledge at a glance

Every matcha you receive from us has a shelf life of at least one year.

So nothing stands in the way of stock orders. 

As long as the tin is kept closed and reasonably cool (not necessarily in the fridge, a place in your kitchen protected from the sun is sufficient), you should not expect any loss of flavor even after a year. 

Opened matcha should be used within 90 days to enjoy the best flavor. 

You can safely store sealed matcha tins in the fridge for extra-long flavor preservation. 

Be careful when opening for the first time: Take the matcha out of the fridge at least two hours before removing the seal. This allows the tea to adjust to room temperature and prevents condensation from collecting moisture in the fine powder. 

Due to condensation, we also advise against storing once-opened tins that are intended for regular consumption back in the fridge. A place protected from light is sufficient. 

🌱 Green tea

The preparation depends on the type of tea you have in front of you. 

We have collected more information for you here: 

Brewing times for green tea

Didn't find the answer?

Write to us! We always endeavor to reply within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)