Our matcha sets are ideal for preparing the exquisite green tea powder. Each matcha set contains Organic Matcha teaauthentic Matcha bowls and high quality bamboo accessories. With our matcha set, you have everything you need to enjoy the tea in the traditional way, either on its own or as a matcha latte. We also offer starter sets without a bowl for beginners.

Each set is packaged in such a way that it perfect as a matcha gift suitable.

Perfect as a gift.

Matcha set with tea, bowl, broom & spoon.

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Organic Matcha Set Hitotsu Organic Matcha Set Hitotsu
Organic Matcha Set Hitotsu
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bio matcha set itsutsu matcha set itsutsu zubereitet
Organic Matcha Set Itsutsu
Offer price52,00 €
Organic Matcha Set Mittsu
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bio matcha tee yottsu mit schale und besen Eine Schüssel Bio Matcha Set Yottsu mit einem Holzlöffel und einem Bambusbesen von Matcha Kāru.
Organic Matcha Set Yottsu
Offer price59,00 €
Organic Matcha Set Futatsu
Offer price69,00 €

FAQ - Matcha Set 🍵

  • What is a matcha set?

A matcha set contains all the important ingredients for the traditional preparation of matcha. It usually includes a high-quality organic tea, a matcha whisk, a bamboo spoon and, depending on the size, a matcha bowl.

  • Why do I need a matcha whisk?

The numerous fine bristles of the matcha whisk make it possible to distribute the matcha evenly in the water and create a lump-free, frothy consistency. This not only promotes the ideal texture, but also the full development of the aroma.

Without a matcha whisk, it is difficult to achieve the characteristic creaminess and intense taste of matcha tea.

  • Why do I need a matcha set?

A matcha set contains everything you need for the authentic preparation of your matcha. So you can start immediately with the matcha preparation immediately.

  • What are the differences between the sets?

We have matcha sets with and without a bowl in our range. You can choose the bowls and accessories (light and dark) purely according to what you like best. The teas differ in taste.

  • What are the starter sets?

A matcha starter set contains your new favorite matcha variety, a matcha whisk and a bamboo spoon. It is the perfect choice if you already own a (matcha) bowl and are looking for an inexpensive introduction to the world of matcha.

  • Which set for matcha latte?

For the Preparation of Matcha Latte are Bowls with spout ideal for precise end results and latte art. A bowl combined with a starter set provides you with everything you need for your perfect matcha latte.

  • What quality is my matcha set?

The bowl and bamboo whisk and spoon are made by hand. Each of our matcha varieties is laboratory-tested and certified organic.

  • Can I buy parts of the matcha set individually?

Yes, most parts of the matcha sets are also available individually. You can find an overview of the individual parts available in our store here.

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