Matcha Wissen kompakt: Alles was du über Matcha wissen musst auf einen Blick

Compact matcha knowledge: everything you need to know about matcha at a glance

Where does matcha come from, what is in the green powder and how is it prepared? In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about matcha.
Matcha Latte - Die cremige Alternative zum Cappuccino

Matcha latte - the creamy alternative to cappuccino

The right way to prepare the new trendy green tea-based drink. A simple recipe for the perfect matcha latte.
Genmaicha - Was hat es mit dem "Popcorn-Tee" auf sich?

Genmaicha - What is this "popcorn tea" all about?

A very special green tea has finally found its way to us from Japan: Genmaicha. Here you can find out all about this "rice tea" and its unique aroma.

Cold green tea - a different way to prepare it

Not just cold matcha, but also cold green tea? In fact, you can also drink cold green tea as a change to your cold matcha on these hot summer days. This blog post will give you an insight into this...

Cold matcha - how it works

Three cold alternatives for enjoying matcha on hot summer days. Prepare an iced matcha latte, a matcha nice cream or a matcha lime lemonade with our Matcha Basic Line.

Brewing times for green tea - everything at a glance

Have you always wondered why your green tea sometimes tastes bitter and how to prepare this type of tea? Then you've come to the right place. Because today we want to introduce you to the art of gr...
Dickfluessiger Matcha Tee in heller schale, von hand gehalten, mit Matcha Besen

Usucha and koicha - two ways of preparing matcha

What is it about the phrase "suitable for Koicha" that is so often found in the description of good Matcha varieties? What does it mean? koicha or Usucha and how do the two differ? All questions th...
Fertig zubereiteter Matcha Tee in Matcha schale mit Besen darin

Matcha tea preparation - how to do it right!

Find out how matcha tea is prepared - What to look out for in the traditional tea ceremony - Which accessories are really needed.