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Matcha tea quality promise - A comment

There are many types of matcha tea on the market - Find out what to look out for when buying - Note these important criteria to judge matcha tea correctly

Matcha tea - A young but dynamic market

The market for matcha tea in Europe and America is a relatively young market. Many people, often also tea drinkers, still have no idea what the term matcha with the term matcha.

Especially in recent years, supported by a generally increasing awareness of healthy eating (keyword super foods) has brought more dynamism to the trade in the green wonder powder. The health-promoting effects of the tea's complex ingredients have been discussed and new studies have shown a variety of positive effects on the body.

Matcha was no longer just used as ground green tea, but also as a dietary supplementstimulant and learning aid. Attributions that the tea owes to its high content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, caffeine and above all antioxidants antioxidants. The powder has also established itself as a lifestyle drink and there are now all kinds of culinary experiments with the tea. In addition to matcha mixed drinks such as matcha latte and Matcha Smoothieand a variety of cooking and baking recipes that primarily revolve around the ground tea and its coloring effect.

Matcha in a bowl Preparation

Trying matcha tea for the first time - lack of experience and knowledge

Nevertheless, there are still a large number of customers who have never consciously drunk matcha tea before. Because with Mixed drinks and pastries the ingredients and the color of the tea, but the fine taste of the tea is is not perceptible in this form. To really taste and consciously enjoy matcha tea, it must be prepared in the classic way with cold or warm water.

However, as many customers lack experience in selecting the right quality for a traditional preparation they are reliant on the information provided by retailers. Suppliers are responsible for informing customers about the different qualities and offering appropriate purchasing advice. This is the only way a customer can be sure that they will find a tea that exactly meets their requirements.

Matcha in the bowl with bamboo spoon

The matcha powder trade - black sheep

Some suppliers specifically use the ignorance and lack of experience on the part of consumers. to sell inferior quality at inflated prices using misleading descriptions. Matcha qualities that are otherwise only available for baking mixes should only be used for baking mixes ceremonial, supreme or super premium labeled. In other words, with designations that are otherwise only reserved for the best teas. 

This kind of misrepresentation not only cheats customers out of good tea, the entire market for matcha green tea is being damaged in the long term. It destroys and undermines what has not yet been properly established. If a customer buys a supposedly good matcha tea for the first time and is bitterly disappointed, in the truest sense of the word, then they will not be so quick to embark on such an experiment again. They will confirm prejudices resulting from such experiences and also advise other potential buyers not to buy it.

However, we have recently been pleased to see that more and more independent blogs are providing comprehensive and, above all, accurate information on the subject. Elaborately researched articles on the subject of matcha help readers to understand what the powder is all about and how good matcha can be recognized. 

Matcha tea - does it taste like fish and algae?

Due to the ongoing deception of consumers and the sale of cheap and inferior quality teas at exorbitant prices, a number of consumers have become aware of matcha. a number of false assumptions have become established on the marketwhich particularly affects the taste and Matcha tea flavor concerns.

Because inferior products were neither grown properly (especially shaded) nor harvested by hand or processed correctly. These green teas were never able to develop a fine and complex aroma, but were deprived of all the benefits of good green tea through careless cultivation aimed at reducing costs. This is also not Tenchabut conventional green teas that have been ground by machine. Such teas do indeed have a very unpleasant smell and taste. They smell fishy, algae-like and like old hay. In the worst cases, they even smell chemical and sour. The taste varies between strongly bitter, sour and fishy.

The mouthfeel is watery and you can still residues of the overly coarse powder on the tongue. So anything but a good start to the world of matcha teas. But there is another way.

Impairment of quality due to incorrect storage

Even the best premium quality matcha tea can be affected by the incorrect storage lose its unmistakable, full-bodied aroma. Once the high-quality matcha has been purchased, it must therefore be stored in airtight packaging or a tin that is protected from light. 

 The high-quality Matcha Karu setYou can find high-quality teas and matcha at Matcha Karu

Buying matcha tea - what should you look out for?

But just because there are a few black sheep out there, you shouldn't be put off. Once you have found a reliable supplier, you can enjoy the best matcha teas and get all the information you need.

The three most important points are:


The price can often serve as an initial guide. Good matcha costs at least 60 cents per gram in small packaging sizes. If you find tea that is significantly cheaper, don't buy it.


If all information is provided by the supplier and can be verified, this is an indication of good quality.

Indication of the cultivar

The cultivar information for matcha is important because it gives you information about the specific taste, quality, origin and characteristic properties of the tea. 

Checking further details

In addition to choosing a suitable supplier, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • Is all the necessary information about the origin and the cultivation given? 
  • Is there laboratory tests for radioactive contamination?
  • Are the teas certified organic and if not why?

You should also trust your gut feeling. You can often tell from the presentation and description of the products whether the supplier attaches importance to quality and transparency or whether they are just trying to give this impression with a lot of hype. Of course, it can always happen that you fall for an inferior product. However, you should not let this discourage you in your search for better alternatives.

Because once you have found the right and reliable supplier for you, the whole world of the best teas is open to you. Because there are a lot of unique matcha teas out there just waiting to be discovered. Ready for something special? At Matcha Kāru you will find delicious, exquisite, excellent organic matcha tea and lose green teas.

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