Matcha Set mit dunkler Schale, Löffel, Dose und Besen

Matcha accessories - an overview

Find out which accessories you really need to make matcha tea - What else is there besides a matcha bowl and bamboo whisk?

Matcha bamboo whisk (Chasen - 茶筅)

The most important and indispensable part of the accessories is the bamboo whisk; Japanese Chasen. Made by hand from a single piece of bamboo, there is no substitute for this tool in the traditional preparation of matcha tea. The whisk has between 70-120 bristles, depending on the model, i.e. elements that are used to stir and froth the tea.

The more elements there are, the better and easier the tea is stirred. Bamboo whisks with few but hard bristles are better suited to koicha (thick tea), whereas more delicate designs are better suited to usucha (light, thin tea). Chasen are traditionally made from two materials: Golden and dark bamboo. The differences here are purely aesthetic. The quality and durability of the two materials are identical. However, dark bamboo is rarer, which explains the higher prices.

You can find out exactly what you need to consider when caring for the bamboo whisk and how to prepare matcha correctly in this article >>> Matcha tea - the right way to prepare it

Matcha whisk and spoon

Matcha spoon (Chashaku - 茶杓)

The bamboo spoon is used to remove and measure out the matcha powder. As with the chasen, there are two different types of bamboo. There is a version made of golden bamboo and a version made of dark bamboo. As the electrostatic adhesive forces of wood are less strong than those of metal, less of the fine powder sticks to the bamboo spoon. For this reason, the chashaku is usually used when extracting matcha. Together with the chasen and chawan, it forms the basic equipment for traditional matcha preparation.


Matcha bowl (Chawan - 抹茶椀)

Now we come to the artistic part of the accessories. The chawan. A utensil that is not absolutely necessary, but all the more beautiful. Because if you can simply use any bowl of the right shape and size to prepare your matcha, a chawan will give you a Japanese piece Craftsmanship but a completely different feeling.

Matcha bowl Tenzai with strainer

The slightly uneven surface alone, together with the often wild but tasteful decorations, give the matcha bowl its very own character. It is immediately apparent that these are not mass-produced items, but handmade unique pieces that tell their own story. As lovingly and elaborately as the vessels are made, the relationship between their owners and the bowls is just as unique. A matcha chawan is therefore not just a drinking vessel, but also a piece of art that adds something special to the preparation of a good green tea.

Matcha strainer (Furui - 抹茶篩)

Matcha powder should be finely sieved before preparation. This dissolves the small lumps in the matcha and makes the tea fine and homogeneous again. It is now easier and quicker to mix with water. While a conventional, fine kitchen sieve is often used for this in Germany, special sieve inserts for matcha tins are used in Japan. The powder is pressed through the fine sieve directly into the can using a small spatula. So you have a sieve and matcha container in one. 


Broom holder (Kusenaoshi - 茶筅くせ直し)

As the name suggests, this utensil is used to store the broom correctly. The broom can dry quickly on the holder and retains its shape at the same time.

Matcha broom holder accessories


Tea caddy (Natsume - 棗)

A natsume allows the matcha to be stored away from light and air. As these containers, which are often made by hand, are decorated as artistically as the bowls, they also serve as an aesthetic alternative to ordinary aluminum cans.

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