Gruene Fluessigkeit in weißer Tasse mit Marshmallows darauf, gehalten von zwei Haenden

Hot chocolate with matcha

The ideal drink for rainy days: hot white chocolate with matcha. Your companion for a cozy afternoon on the couch.
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The perfect companion for the rainy daysHot white chocolate with matcha. Together with a large steaming cup of it, nothing stands in the way of a cozy afternoon on the couch while the rain pelts against the window 😍. 



Ingredients (for two people)

  •  200g white chocolate 
  •  3 tsp cornstarch 
  • 2 tsp of your favorite matcha (preferably strong in taste)
  • 500 ml milk (cow/oat/soy)
  • Optional: marshmallows



Mix the matcha with the cornstarch and stir together with a little milk to form a paste. Then add the rest of the milk and stir until all the lumps have dissolved.

Now heat the mixture and melt the chocolate in it. The liquid will thicken over the next few minutes and is then ready.

If you like, you can now add small marshmallows to the cup as a topping. ✨ 😍


Have fun making it! 

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