Yoga Tipps für Anfänger

Yoga tips for beginners

Matcha and sport, especially yoga, go together perfectly. Together with Sara Lyn, we have collected three yoga exercises that make it particularly easy to get started.

We recently published this article about how matcha and sport are an absolute dream team for us, and yoga and matcha in particular are a perfect match. We have Sara Lyn (, a certified yoga teacher and specialist journalist, what tips she has for beginners in yoga: 

Yoga is the middle path that teaches us the right balance between exertion and relaxation.

A deep breath helps you to stay present and practice serenity.

Whatever posture you adopt, do it with a lot of mindfulness and love for yourself - just as you would infuse your favorite matcha tea.


Three exercises for beginners

Sara Lyn recommends these three yoga exercises for beginners and shows us how to do them.


Sethu Bandasana - the shoulder bridge 

Yoga exercise shoulder bridge

  • Strengthens the shoulders, back, buttocks and thigh muscles
  • Opens the chest
  • Excellent after a long day at the desk or to start the day with an open mind in the morning


Anjaneyasana - deep lunge

Yoga exercise deep lunge

  • Stretches the groin & hip muscles
  • Opens the abdominal and pelvic area
  • Helps prevent long-term pain & discomfort in the lower back


Virabhadrasana II - the second warrior

Yoga exercise second warrior


  • Strengthens ankles, legs, back, shoulders & arms
  • Opens hips & pelvis
  • Improves posture and a stable stance


More exercises & detailed descriptions on Sara Lyn's yoga blog:

Photos from the book Hatha Yoga - by Martina Mittag (published 2018 Meyer+Meyer)


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