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The standards of Matcha Karu

We have been committed to firm principles from the very beginning. This includes high quality standards, rigorous testing and transparency in the trade and origin of our teas. So you will only find organic qualities from selected farms, where we can trace exactly how the tea was grown, harvested and processed. We have put together the best blends for you with a lot of dedication and passion and imported directly. When selecting the organic matchas, the focus was not only on the exquisite quality of the raw tea, but also on a creamy and silky soft texture, complex and refined aromas and a full, balanced taste.


With a lot of dedication and patience, we have done nothing else for a long time but produce the best tea farms in Japan and tasting selected teas. This begins with the right cultivation, harvesting and processing methods and ends with a extensive tasting of selected blends. Only when a matcha meets all our requirements is it imported directly from Japan.

We therefore offer matcha teas that shaded for a long time and harvested by hand. After a short steaming and gentle drying process, the tencha is dried on traditional granite stone mills extremely finely ground. This time-consuming and gentle process preserves the delicate aromas and ingredients. This type of traditional harvesting and cultivation has been tried and tested in Japan for centuries and is still used for the best matcha teas.


When selecting our teas, we attach great importance to transparent trade and the precise traceability of individual products. Only teas where we know where they come fromhow they are grown, harvested and processed are considered for our range. You will find detailed information on the origin and other key details for each tea.

We only select certified organic teas from reputable tea farms. In addition to the region, we also attach great importance to the cultivar used. This is because the type of tea has a significant influence on the character and aroma of the finished tea. The harvesting and processing of the products is also particularly important. Only carefully harvested and gently processed teas find their way into our store.

Product safety

In addition to outstanding quality and a unique taste, food and product safety is a top priority for us. Our organic matcha teas not only meet all Japanese and European organic standards, but are also tested by an independent German laboratory.

Organic certified

Free from radiation

Free from pesticides

Every new harvest is immediately tested for radioactive contamination. The strict organic controls in Japan also guarantee that no harmful pesticides are used. Only when the products are classified as completely harmless are they offered for sale by us. So you can always rely on 100% safe matcha teas. Product safety without compromise. Matcha quality direct from Japan.

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