Matcha Waffeln mit Sahne auf dunklem Untergrund

Matcha for baking and cooking - a question of quality and appreciation

Cooking and baking with Matcha tea as a new trend - great green color and positive effects on health - you should keep the following points in mind
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Matcha powder is not only popular because of its luminous color very popular as an ingredient in all kinds of dishes and mixed drinks. A wealth of ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins and proteins also perfectly complement any healthy dish. But why only certain matchas such as our new Organic Matcha Basic Line are suitable for this use and why the best teas should not be used for preparing food and drinks, you can find out in this post.

Matcha waffles



Matcha for baking and cooking - a wealth of recipes

There is now a whole abundance of matcha powder recipes.

Be it for mixed drinks such as smoothies and matcha lattes or for baking and cooking. The focus is on desserts such as cakes, ice cream and cookies in which the powder is used due to the coloring effect is particularly popular. The bright green of the matcha powder gives the creations an almost neon-green glow, without the need for artificial colorants.


Matcha panna cotta

As the flavor varies greatly depending on the choice and quantity of matcha tea used in the recipe, the powder can also be used in a variety of ways. very gentle and restrained be used very gently. This means that the tea often has little influence on the taste of the finished dish. This means that the imagination no limits and almost any recipe can be supplemented with matcha powder.


Matcha ice cream


Matcha for baking and cooking - using the right quality

The sometimes subtle taste of matcha powder goes well with dominant ingredients such as sugar, flour and cream. quickly under. Premium teas should therefore not be used for cooking and baking. This is because particularly high-quality teas are characterized by subtle and gentle notes that do not come into their own in dishes and mixed drinks.


Matcha chocolate


It is therefore recommended not only because of the price, but also because of the more dominant tasteto resort to cheaper matcha powder. Such entry-level qualities are not only a multiple cheaper than the premium teas, but also have a more bitter and stronger taste. If a finely bitter green tea flavor is desired, the use of simpler qualities is appropriate.

We have developed the Matcha Karu Basic Line created: An affordable organic matcha that meets the exact requirements for baking with matcha. With its intensely tart aroma, it stands up to flour, sugar and cream and colors with its strong green color. every recipe wonderful luminous

The packaging was designed in such a way that whole 120 grams of matcha can fit inside and still be eye-catcher on the kitchen shelf becomes. 


Matcha Culinary in gift packaging 


Matcha for baking and cooking - health benefits

Even if matcha powder is primarily used for its coloring effect for baking and cooking, the ingredients also play an important role. The tea contains many antioxidants, vitamins and proteins.

You can find out exactly which ingredients are contained in matcha tea and what effect they have on our bodies in this article >>> Matcha tea ingredients and effects. Depending on the method of preparation, however, nutrients can be lost. If the ingredients are heated too much during cooking or baking, some of the sensitive substances are destroyed.


Matcha sponge roll

The concentration of nutrients also depends on the quality of matcha used. If premium teas are grown and processed slowly and gently, this is not the case with cheaper qualities such as our Organic Matcha Basic Line is not the case. Here the focus is on cost-efficient processesin which the teas are shaded for less time and dried and ground more quickly. 

As a result, they develop fewer antioxidants and proteins and the mechanical processing also destroys some of the sensitive nutrients. This means that even in cake and other dishes still contain many of the components of matcha, depending on the preparation and the tea used, but usually less than in a traditionally prepared premium matcha. 

However, the stronger and more dominant green tea flavor is then suitable for ideal for use in matcha recipes!

Baking and cooking with matcha as a sustainable solution for expired products

Is the Matcha stored incorrectly or has been exposed to light and too much oxygen, the matcha also loses its flavor. the highest quality matcha loses its aroma and color intensity. For Usucha or Koicha it may no longer be suitable for usucha or koicha, but if the matcha is still not bad in your opinion and is just no longer aromatic, a delicious recipe may be the solution. 

Matcha for baking and cooking - Appreciation for the product

The use of premium matcha such as our Hitotsu in cooking and baking should not only be considered because of the higher price should be avoided. The preparation and consumption of food should always be characterized by appreciation.

Not only appreciation for the product and the quality itself, but also for the hard work, dedication and time invested in the production of top teas. The cultivation of the best Matcha teas has a long tradition in Japan and it has taken decades to optimize the cultivation and processing methods to produce outstanding teas.

In addition to time, a great deal of dedication, passion and experience goes into the fine powders of the highest quality grades. It would be inappropriate to treasures with all kinds of ingredients in order to prepare desserts, for example, in which the taste and fine aromas of the tea are no longer perceptible. Nor would you use a €30 red wine to round off a tomato sauce.

Our Organic Matcha Basic Line is a compromise between the usual high organic quality and a reasonable price. This is achieved by not using the particularly tender leaves from the first harvest, but those that have not made it to the very highest quality levels. The more intense flavor, which is usually not desirable in premium qualities, makes these teas perfect for the use in matcha recipes!

You can find out exactly how matcha is grown and why good tea has its price in the article "Matcha tea price differences."

Conclusion - Using inexpensive Matcha qualities for cooking and baking

Matcha tea is ideal as an ingredient for all kinds of recipes due to its bright green color and its concentrated ingredients. But the right matcha should be chosen for the preparation in question. If premium matcha teas are too good for cakes and the like due to their complex extraction and fine taste, cheaper and more tart powders such as our Basic Line or our Organic Matcha Itsutsu ideal as an addition to various cooking and baking recipes. Here, too, you get a beautifully green dish that contains a large proportion of the important nutrients from matcha tea.

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